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Who we are

The Brisbane Monteverdi Ensemble is an exciting ensemble of singers and instrumentalists specialising in the performance of cornerstone works from 16th and 17th Century Europe with period instruments.

Where it began

BME began in 2020 out of a general interest in playing the music of Monteverdi and his contemporaries. Our horizons quickly expanded as we discovered more about not only Monteverdi and his contemporaries, but also those who came before and after his monumental career. ​

 BME has been regularly involved in independent and collaborative events since its inception. We often liaise and collaborate with other groups and organisations in south-east Queensland to present accessible performances and workshops in our community.

What we do

BME fulfills the need for a period-instrument ensemble which focuses on the vocal and instrumental music of the late renaissance and early baroque periods. We play repertoire composed prior to the death of Monteverdi in 1643, although Medieval compositions and selected works by modern composers have made themselves known in our programs. We provide safe and inclusive opportunities for our members to improve their early style, and we also assist in educating audiences about renaissance and baroque period instruments and music.​

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Get involved

BME welcomes Expression of Interests from performers and musicians who share our interests in the music of Monteverdi and his contemporaries. Performing members of BME seek to perform vocal and instrumental music at a semi-professional level, with some past experience in performing early music. 
For instrumentalists, access to historically accurate instruments is essential. Our instruments are tuned at A=440Hz.


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