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Who's the "Monteverdi" in BME?

Our namesake, Claudio Monteverdi, holds a formidable place in Early Music in the European tradition. In many circles, the acheivements of Monteverdi are considered landmark in the music of the Renaissance period: "

And in one respect in particular, his achievement was enduring: the effective projection of human emotions in music, in a way adequate for theatre as well as for chamber music" (Carter and Chew).

This projection of human emotion in the theatrical space was embodied in his operas. One of the best known of Monteverdi's operas is L'Orfeo, a story rooted in Greek mythology in the descent of Orpheus into Hades in the hope of bringing Eurydice back to the world of the living.

The first performance of L'Orfeo was in February 1607. As we begin rehearsing this February for our year of music, we invite you to hear music from L'Orfeo, excerpts from Monteverdi's extensive catalog, and listen to works composed during these revolutionary late Renaissance years at our first concert in late April 2024.

Tickets will be available soon, so please connect with us so you don't miss out! You can support us by subscribing to our Mailing List, and following us on social media.

Monteverdi by Bernardo Strozzi (c. 1630)


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